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About Us

We are here to help

We are the union of “Special Mothers,” dedicated to inform and assist all “Special Families” who are unconscious of all the assistance and services that this country offers us. Despite their immigration status or economic situation.

We assist by donating all the basic and essential needs that every family requires and assistance in therapies and/or urgent activities.

The help of collaborators and sponsors is critical. It gives us the viability of assisting when families arrive with emergencies like without electricity, without housing, without mobility, often with two or more special children, these being an emergent state for us.

Received donations are directed to the administration and assigned to the mothers of the many cases in need.

Our history

  • The beginning

    After an accident that had me prostrate (WHERE) for 6 long months, I decided to change my little girl’s and my life during a reflection. It all began by expressing my idea on a napkin while discussing with my husband, Carlos; with his help and colleagues’ cooperation, this great dream is now a reality. We started as 4 mothers fighting and advocating for our children, and thanks to the Lord’s blessing, we are now over 400 families.

  • Every step counts.

    For numerous months, the work was strenuous. We were assisting families little by little, knocking on doors, donating, and learning a different case every day … without an office; we were helping these families from the trunk of our cars. The only resources we had were our personal experiences, the desire for helping and advocating, and each other.

  • So much to achieve.

    After establishing ourselves as a non-profit organization, we aligned our goals to create events and informative workshops for all. One of our objectives is to offer general therapy services. These therapies include Art, Music, Canine, dolphins, and equine therapy, and to continue with this mission, we need the help of our community leaders, sponsors, and donors.

  • All Families Matter

    Each family is a different world, with diverse needs and diagnoses. Every day, we receive new cases; some are urgent, and some are exemplary. However, all are important; Our main goal is to integrate our loved ones into the community, support them and their families to have a quality of life.

  • A great plan

    We plan to create an “Emergency Committee” so that each hospital or clinic has a prepared mother to offer the necessary information and support to our newly “Special Mother.” We also plan the creation of an ADT (ADULT DAY TRAINING). In this program, we will be training and teaching all members the necessary skills/tools to become a little more independent and successfully integrate into the community; we will also train/teach our parents how to assist their children in their daily living activities.

  • Your help changes lives

    All donations are used for families who lack immigration status or critical cases. Assistance is also for families who do not have the basic resources in their daily lives and those whose insurance does not cover their medically necessary therapies. All donations can change the lives of many people.

Our Mission

We are here to help.

Having a child with disabilities can sometimes be challenging. After you understand this, then you recognize that this is true for all children. Our special children learn and do things differently. They required more attention, patience, and love; we love celebrating differences and their abilities.

We are Special Mothers in Action, a Non-Profit Organization of mothers helping mothers, founded in 2014. Our mission is to help families who have children and/or adults with special needs disabilities obtain appropriate home care and therapy services. We also assist in obtaining necessary medical equipment, learning physical, social, and development needs. The efforts to give these families a better quality of life cannot take effect unless we have the support of everyone in our community.

We have a great dream, and it is to serve special families from the moment a child is born. We believe that we can help and support families based on our excellent life experience by being part of these special moments. We come to you for this mission to be able to offer guidance from that first moment.

We serve families with or without immigration status. We also offer workshops in painting, ceramics, crafts, dancing, and music therapies.

Our team

An incredible group of people.